Flexible impeller pump

FLM--RF flexible impeller pumps have been specially designed to be reversible and self-priming. Due to the wide range of impeller materials, these pumps are able to handle and pump products like wine, lactic products and oils. Furthermore, flexible impeller pumps can work with high viscosity products such as cosmetic products, jams, syrups and liquid with solid particles or gases (carbonated beverages). 


  • Direct motor / Gearbox / Variable speed gear motor
  • BSP connections
  • Mechanical seal SS/G/N
  • Level of finish: Industrial / Foodstuff
  • Types of impeller rubber: Nitrile / EPDM / Silicone / Polyurethane / Natural rubber / Neoprene


  • Material SS AISI 304
  • NBR gaskets


  • Iron/stainless steel trolley
  • Pump in SS AISI 316
  • Control panel with start/stop, 10m of wire, electric connections, etc.
  • Other connections: DIN 11851, GAROLLA, MACON, SMS, CLAMP, etc.
  • Mechanical seal V/V/M o W/W/V
  • Bare shaft
  • By-pass