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Vertical agitators with direct drive/gear motor and guiding turret

In order to satisfy the extensive requirements of the agitating and mixing field, INOXMIM has designed VAI, VSI, VDI and VSIN vertical agitators, which are ideal for preparing reagents. The main characteristic of these units is their bolstering tower system, which significantly extends the working life of the motor and allows a longer shaft. This system is fitted with a semi-shaft which transmits the traction generated by the motor to the shaft. This, along with the lip seal guiding system in the tower, guarantees the robustness of the unit and its high agitating capacity.






Electrical motor < T90



Electrical motor > T90



Electrical motor

Coaxial gears


Pneumatic motor



The simplicity of the parts and the shaft coupling system facilitate maintenance work and operation with a high degree of sanitisation. Thanks to these characteristics, these units are widely used in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries for agitation of dosing vessels, dispersion of reagents, maintenance of mixes and dissolution of solid products.



  • DN50 DIN 2576 PN10 Anchor flange
  • Direct motor or geared motor
  • Level of finish: Foodstuff / Sanitary
  • Bolstering tower
  • Semi-shaft
  • Easy assembly/dismounting
  • High degree of hygiene
  • Interchangeability of agitator components


  • The propeller and shaft are made from stainless steel AISI 316
  • The other parts are made from stainless steel AISI 304
  • Aluminium tower


  • Pneumatic motor (VSIN)
  • Control panel
  • Propeller and shaft cover (PVC, PE or resin)
  • Manual/automatic elevation system
  • Stainless steel casing
  • PEHD tank